Lydia (longislandicet) wrote,

Don't know what to do, all I knew is gone!

Hey all , I'm so very bored that's why I'm on here!
I'm going to a concert on Sat. and hopefully Sun. too. I love concerts,although I have to make sure to wear pants that don't fall down next time. The lasts to concerts for some reason , my pants just weren't made for it. Yeah I guess you all can tell how bored I am, if this whole post already is just about pants. I wish I was 16 and could drive!! At least I have my permit:) I'm going to try and go crowd surfing which I have never done before but I will try and it will be loads of fun!! Well hmm since I haven't posted since camp, camp was alot of fun and I'm leaving at the end of the month to go to another one. Oh yeah and I get my braces off on Thursday! yay and then I think I will get my lip pierced. I wish it was summer but we need more rain. Oh well.... I'M SO BORED. *lidy@
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